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Treasure State Ranches

Financing Free and Clear Ownership.... Your property is yours from here to eternity. On full payment, you'll receive a Fully Warranted Deed and Insured Title. No liens or strings attached. All roads are maintained by the landowners association and what few restrictions you'll find are designed to ensure the beauty of your property for generations to come. Use your land for camping, as a vacation home site or as your permanent residence. It's yours to use, sell, or pass on to future generations.

We accept a minimum down payment of $500.00 and we will carry the contract for deed on the balance at 6.5% interest over 30 years, whichever monthly payment fits your monthly budget. The contract for deed is escrowed at Big Sky Escrow Service in Deer Lodge. IRS 1099 forms are sent out annually through the escrow service. Once we visit with you and agree on a piece of land that you want to purchase, we reserve the site for 7 days, when we receive your initial down payment of $500.00, we then send you the Contract for Deed document, your Money Back Guarantee Certificate, Credit Disclosure Statement, photocopy of your Warranty Deed (that will be held in escrow until the contract is paid in full) for your review and approval. You sign and return all documents for the escrow and your monthly payment coupons will be sent to you. Your first monthly payment is due 30 days after the date of the contract.

It truly is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.


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Treasure State Ranches
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